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For long time now I've wanted to start this blog to help my photo clients and other photographers! My long-term goal with photography is to educate others, host workshops, and do some traveling. This space will be my starting point for that! Here I'll be sharing my creative process, outfit and styling inspiration, and everything that goes into the making of an image. I'll include sessions that really speak to my heart, camera setting, editing, and posing.

Where does one even start when diving into the photography world?

For me starting out, I photographed anything and everything. I did cake smashes, senior portraits, couples, families, and even a few weddings! But when I became a mom, I quickly realized my niche. It's important to do it all to find what your most passionate about. Then you can really hone in and master what your most passionate about.

Motherhood is chaos, beauty, struggle, pain, and joy all in one. I can experience all these emotions in a single minute, sometimes at the same time. I gravitate towards images that make me feel this, images that I can relate to. Let's talk about these images above. There was no Pinterest searching for poses or inspiration. I envisioned these images on a wet, rainy day. We've had such a long, cold, wet winter and here we are mid May with very little sunny warm days. It affects my mood, not going outside. Twin toddlers that breastfeed and need me so much, means very little personal space. So I imagined myself sitting with a babe, looking up and just letting the rain pour all over me. This time is short, I keep reminding myself.

I had set my camera settings to 100 Iso, f 2.0 and 1/800 shutter speed. I shoot with a Canon mark 4, and I had my super basic 50mm lens. I ALWAYS shoot raw. My husband was on the deck with my camera and I ran and sat in the grass below. Thats how we were able to get this "from above" perspective.

I edited like I always do, trying to keep a good balance of artistic and true to life. I used SMAL 01 2021 version. I lighted myself just a tiny bit to really draw the eye where I wanted. The image was naturally moody before I edited. The light was hitting me and my face and the grass around me was dark. With editing, I just enhanced this a bit. Below is a quick video of how I edited! Let me know if this is helpful and what you would like to see more of!

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